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A talented and versatile singer from North London , Emmanuel’s passion is music , he was discovered in  2014 ,after sharing one of his videos online . His voice has been likened to the deep soul of Barry White and  effortless smoothness of Seal . Emmanuel really does have it all , his ace in the pack are his incredible high notes ,you don’t expect someone with his perfect powerful low tone to hits such dizzy heights . .

So far his career is new , but were very sure you will be seeing and hearing a lot more of this very talented singer .

Emmanuel has broken the  moulds in so many way , his music influences range from Metallica , to AC DC , he loves heavy metal, a talented electric and acoustic guitarist , and one of the most incredible male soul voices around , He has a lot of exciting things going on in 2015 and will enjoy sharing them with you, please support Emmanuel … in the mean time he will  posting lots of new cover and original  versions of his favourite songs.